STK-ID 10164

[Remark: The first Canadian troop convoy left Halifax for England, escorted by the HMCS Ottawa, HMCS Restigouche, HMCS Fraser and HMCS Saint-Laurent. The men were aboard the SS Aquitania, the SS Duchess of Bedford, the SS Empress of Australia, the SS Empress of Britain and the SS Monarch of Bermuda, all passenger vessels converted to wartime service.] Shots of vessels pulling out of Halifax, of cheering troops on various decks of ships, tugs pushing ships into position. Shots of the HMCS Fraser (H-48) and the HMCS Saint-Laurent (H-83) in the harbour. Ship to ship shots of destroyers at sea of them passing through U-Boat defense nets at the mouth of the harbour. HASs of nets. Brief shot of PBY-5 Canso flying-boats over the coast, flying up the Saint Lawrence as they form an escort for the convoy, another boat crosses U-Boat defense nets.


Excerpt from
First Troop Convoy for Overseas (TC-1)
Halifax, Saint Lawrence River
National Film Board
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35mm fine grain b&w, 35mm dupe neg b&w
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