STK-ID 10628

[Remark: flying high, the Siskins leave Camp Borden for Ottawa.] AERIAL SHOT of Camp Borden and surroundings. AIR TO AIR SHOT of Siskins airplanes above the clouds. Shot of top side of clouds. CUs of Flight-lieutenant FV Beamish, of Flying Officer AMC McNabb, of Pilot Officer JACFM Gobeil, of Flying Officer AC Hawtrey. Shot of officer examining plane, including CU of rudder, of aileron. Shot of Flying Officer Hawtrey taxiing away in plane. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of plane doing aerobatics. CU of pilot in cockpit of plane. Shot Siskins airplane starting up. CUs of plane from various angles. Shot of Flying Officer Beamish taxiing away. Sequence showing three pilots starting up Siskins airplane, clasping hands to form a "whip" as tail end pilot grabs propeller, tugging at it while others haul him away, preventing harm. Shot of Siskins taking off from Rockliffe Airport, of planes in the air. AERIAL SHOTs of Ottawa. Shot of spectators watching aerobatics over their heads. Various shots of aerobatics. CU of Flight-lieutenant Beamish flying upside down (probably staged). Shots of air stunts. Shots of planes landing at Rockliffe. CU of planes. (00/08/1930)


Excerpt from
Formation Flying By RCAF Siskins
Borden (Ontario), Ottawa
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio