STK-ID 11055

LS of fire burning in woods near Kinmount in the Haliburton region, Ontario. Sequence on men fighting fires with water hoses. Several shots of fire in bush. MS of group of men leaning on their shovels, resting. CU man with smudged face smoking and talking. Shot of men dragging hoses to site of fire. Shot of group jumping into pick up truck, being driven farther into the woods. Shot of men walking towards and past camera with their shovels, smoke visible in background. Night shots of flames in brush, in trees, silhouettes of fire fighters visible in some shots. Shots of men loading bush plane on pontoons. CU of pilot Charles Lefebvre talking (silent). Shot of plane taxiing away from camera. Mid level AERIAL SHOTs of heavily smoking fire. Shots of major general Morton, Officer Commanding of Quebec Command, directing fight against fire in Terrebonne region, Quebec, of soldiers cutting down brush ahead of fire to starve it. Shot of bulldozer ripping its way through the wood, of men shovelling, digging trench to stop advance of fire. Sequence on civilians and soldiers in Terrebonne Heights waiting to be sent on fire fighting mission. Shots of men wearing steel helmet advancing into the wood. Several shots of raging forest fire, of men fighting fire. Sequence on evacuation of houses in Terrebonne Heights, of citizen, of burned down houses, autos, general damage. Sequence on men eating. (00/08/1949)


Excerpt from
Forest Fires
Ontario, Terrebonne
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio