STK-ID 11424

MLS of streets of small French town, few people. TILT DOWN leafy tree, PAN to LS of town. HAS of church, buildings, town seen through crenelated wall. LAS of church, TILT DOWN to people coming out. Interior shot of empty church. Exterior shot of small bar, man entering. Interior shot of bar, people drinking, chatting animatedly. Sequence on hog butchering; tying down animal, sticking it slowly to collect blood, singeing carcass to get rid of hairs. CU of people looking on. Street scenes of people talking, standing about, man trundling wheelbarrow. Interior CSs of antique-furnished dwelling, knick-knacks. Interior shot of store, old woman entering shaking hands with owner, chatting, leaving.


Excerpt from
Georges P. Vanier: Soldier, Diplomat, Governor General
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio