STK-ID 11477

[(Titles) Remark: from 1922 to 1937 many Canadian expeditions went to the Eastern Arctic. Seldom did an expedition bypass Godhaven or Etah Harbour in Greenland. This story is made up from scenes taken during the 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1927 expeditions. The photographer is George H Valiquette of the Canadian Government.] Shots of Godhaven Harbour, Canadian Government ship "CGS Arctic" at anchor and surrounded by Danish vessels. Houses occupied by Danes along West coast, PAN of fishing boats in harbour, of Governor's mansion, flag of Denmark flying. Captain Joseph Bernier with Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, crew of "CGS Arctic" and officials coming ashore, meeting Danish Governor Philip Rosendahl and Herr Harald Lindow. Crowd gathered at dock to greet visitors, PAN of Greenland Inuits, officers of "CGS Arctic" visiting Lindow's home. Shots of RCMP Inspector Wilcox chatting with Lindow, of Inuit homes and CUs of elaborate beaded clothing, unique with Greenland Inuits. Shots of two elderly Inuit women smoking cigarettes. Inuit mother carrying her baby on her back, Inuit mother pushing baby carriage along beach. Shots of Inuits dancing for visitors as Dane plays an accordian. CUs of Arctic flowers in bloom, of kayak being paddled out towards schooner as crew of "CGS Arctic" watch. Shot of member of "CGS Arctic" crew taking photo, silhouetted against midnight sun. [Interspersed titles]


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