STK-ID 11744

MLS of a house built on a hillside. LS of a family coming out of a house, mountains in extreme background. MLSs of those people walking near the house. MLS of them sittting down on rocks follow PAN to old couple, the woman is in traditional West Greenland Eskimo costume. PAN from a man touching dog nose to elderly woman. TILT UP from shoes to CS of woman's face. CU of man's face. LS of woman, man and young boy walking in garden. CU of woman's hand touching green vegetables in garden. Various shots taken from a boat of goats on hill and large carrier canoes, water in foreground. LS PAN of young man riding horse. LS to MCS of two women looking at flowers and PAN on flowers along the house. MS, MCS of men laying rocks beside riverbank in preparation for the spring thaws. LSs of goat eating grass on hillside. MCS of wooden bridge over a small river with houses, mountain in background, truck and pedestrians passing on bridge. MCS of farmhouse to PAN and TILT DOWN on man working in his garden. PAN on different plants, MCS of kind of mushroom with man's hand handling it. MLS of group of people (priests ?) walking in procession towards camera (head leader has a costume similar to K. of C.) passing camera and walking away from camera, entering a hall followed by several youngs. MCS of Greenland landscape to various shots of a family coming out of a house, woman carrying a pail and of them picking up wild blueberries. Various shots of farmland, including shots of horses grazing. HAS of a lake surrended by mountains, glacier in background.


Excerpt from
The Greenlanders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Born Digital, ProRes
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
2048x1556, 1920 x 1080