STK-ID 12142

[Titles: Canada Carries On; Heroes of the Atlantic; credits]: AERIAL TRAVELLING SHOTs over convoy at sea. MLS rear view of gun crew firing large coastal guns towards sea. Shots of officers using binoculars. LAMS of flag flying at top of ship's mast. Sequence showing navy men in rowboat, approaching ship, embarking on ship, HAS of ship's officer greeting arriving officer. TRAVELLING SHOTs along ship at sea, along coast. Shots of navy officers in office, HAS of them planning strategy on map. Shot of ship moving by camera, man watching in immediate foreground. MS of two navy men in oil skin coats watching seawards. MLS of ship entering harbour, docked ship at left of frame. TRAVELLING SHOT along waterfront in harbour. Shots in harbour showing cook washing dish in open port-hole, tugboat backing up to ship, two longshoremen untying ship on dock, HALS of many ship moving in river, town in lower foreground. AERIAL TRAVELLINGs of ships at sea. LS of ship in rough sea. MLS of ship sailing in wake of camera ship. Shots aboard ship showing officer looking into binoculars, gun crew inspecting deck gun, navy flagman signalling to ship moving in background, LAMLS of officers on ship's bridge.


Excerpt from
Heroes of the Atlantic
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio