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Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs huddled at centre to get instructions from referee before face-off. Joe Primeau (10) Leafs facing off with Hart (5) to open game. Shots of game with Primeau, Charlie Conacher (9) and Busher Jackson (11) carrying play for Toronto. Charlie Conacher (9) trips Bourgault (15). Hap Day (5) of Toronto boarding Howie Morenz (7) and Gizzy Hart (5) as Charlie Conacher follows play to right of Toronto goalie Chabot. Good shot of Aurèle Joliat (4) of the Canadiens stickhandling with his winger Johnny Gagnon (14) and Morenz following. Sylvio Mantha (2) carries puck behind George Hainsworth of the Canadiens, Primeau (10) misses Harrington (6) of Canadiens with check, Chabot of Leafs makes the save. Good HAS of entire rink and fast action as Blair (5) of Leafs is stopped by Harold Starr (3) and Georges Mantha (120 of Canadiens gets break by Hap Day (4), Bob Gracie (14) of Leafs leads a rush but Carson (11) cowers in corner, Morenz steals the puck and tests Chabot with hard drive. Ace Bailey (6) of leafs gives a good display of stickhandling, more shots from catwalk. [End title]


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