STK-ID 12578

MS of channel cut through spring ice to allow water to run off, pilots walking along, examining channel, accompanied by little Inuit boy. Shot of pilots and Inuit boy examining huge cracks in shore ice at high tide. Shots of pools of water on ice, CUs of men's feet sloshing through slush and water. (18/06/1928): plane being readied, sleds being placed under tail and undercarriage, plane being hauled across rough ice for its last flight on skis. Shots of tractor hauling Fokker over rough ice and snow ledges. LS of plane taking off from Wakeham Bay on skis, AERIAL LSs over frozen tundra and barren wasteland, GROUND TO AIR of Fokker passing overhead. MLS of Wakeham Bay's winter quarters and ice breaking up, signalling spring has arrived. Major TA Lawrence and two Inuits try out "life raft" with hand pump and by mouth, paddling off through ice floes. [Titles interspersed]


Excerpt from
Hudson Strait Expedition 1927
Canadian Arctic
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486