STK-ID 13501

During return trip, "CGS Beothic" visits Beechey Island where ill-fated Franklin expedition wintered (around 1838). Walrus swimming near ship and PAN of hill on Beechey Island. Shots of remains of Northumberland House, built in 1854 by Captain Pullen, coal and battered meat casks in ruins. Shots of cairn to Franklin, sent out by Lady Franklin and erected by Captain Sir Leopold McClintock in 1855. CS of script "To the Memory of Franklin, Crozier, Fitzjames and all their gallant brother officers... who suffered, perished...". Shots of crewmen and officers examining remnants and cairns. CU of beached yacht "Mary" left by John Ross for the possible use of Franklin expedition survivors. MLS of Inuit woman paddling skin boat toward "CGS Beothic", drawing along side, telling crew her name is Penniloo and thanking them for calling. Shot of settlememt at Pangnirtung, crew going ashore and being welcomed by Inuits and Royal Canadian Mounted Police at post. George MacKenzie, officer-in-charge of expedition handing out souvenirs to Inuits at Pangnirtung. Shots of house being built for Dr LD Livingstone who is to remain at Pang to carry out medical work amongst Inuits. CU of Dr Livingstone driving a nail for good luck. Whaleboat bobbing in rough water at Lake Harbour bringing Inuit pilot aboard to guide the "CGS Beothic" through maze of islets and reefs. Pilot shaking hands, talking to crew. Shot of scow loaded with supplies approaching, men unloading supplies and signs "Royal Canadian Mounted Police-Lake Harbour". [Titles and maps of Arctic regions interspersed]


Excerpt from
In the Shadow of the Pole
Beechey Island
National Film Board
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