STK-ID 13513

CU of programme of fishing tournament (6th Annual International Tuna Cup Match). Cut to welcome banner across road. Brief shots of license plates from various states including one from Ontario. Shot of Wedgeport Tuna Guides Association Crest. Various LSs of fleet. Sequence on Anthony Hulman of Terre Haute, Indiana, playing and boating tuna. Shots of Carlos Badarraco of Buenos Aires, of Major Frisby, VC, of Guilford of England, of Frederico Mejer of Havana, Cuba, boating tuna, of Elicio Arguellos of Havana, Cuba. Two shots of tuna being boated, congratulations, tuna flag. Various shots of Michael Stott's boat, of Stott fighting fish, of fish being boated. Shot of Michael Stott being congratulated by his partner Harry Sedgewick of Toronto. Various shots of fleet in harbour, of boats returning with catches. Sequence on boats arriving, crowd on pier, fish being unloaded, weighed, initialed. Shot of George Thomas of Los Angeles, California, being declared winner with tuna weighing 856 pounds. Shot of Harry Smith from Bermuda, getting kiss from his wife for tuna weighing 792 pounds. Shot of Mr Rutherford, captain of the US team accepting trophy from Alton B Sharp, donor. Shots of Rutherford being congratulated by Honourable Harold Connolly, minister of Trade and Industry for Nova Scotia. (22/09/1949)


Excerpt from
International Tuna Tournament
National Film Board
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