STK-ID 13955

Various shots of adults and children at the toy department of the Eaton department store in Montreal, stuffed toys, children looking, handling toys. MS of a boy picking up and looking gleefully at a toy rifle. Shot of another boy with a tow rifle. Various TRAVELLING SHOTs of a few people in the store, of a Santa Claus walking in the store among the people, shaking hands with a man. CU of a sign "Lost Children - may be located in the Service Bureau 5th floor." Various MSs, CUs of toys, intercut with CUs of children's faces. Shot of a boy firing with a toy rifle at a mechanical bear. Shots of a toy space capsule whirling around a pylon as people watch. Short sequence on a young woman demonstrating the "Easy Bake Oven", on a boy and a girl trying a kiddie car. Several shots of children trying toy cars, CUs of faces. (00/12/1964)


Excerpt from
Junior Directors
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080