STK-ID 14435

The whole roll consists of shots at the Makkovik village in Labrador, of the church, of fishing boats covered and surrounded by snow and ice, of small wooden houses, clothes on clothesline in evidence in most of the shots, of four persons walking on snow covered street and entering a house, of men driving snowmobiles with sleighs on arctic landscapes, of a man transporting a table, entering same house as the others, of different persons arriving at the house and entering it. Shots of a "Marine Transport" ship surrounded by ice and snow at end of the day, of a man driving a dog team on arctic landscape and in the village, of an hydroplane parked with a ship visible in background, of two men on a snowmobile, of the "John Christian Erhardt Memorial School", of different houses and wood stacks, of free dogs looking for food in garbage spread on the ground, of a man walking with a shovel, of a building with ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on sign "Welcome to Makkovik Community Hall", of two girls sawing and chopping firewood, of children at a window, of the "Northern Labrador services division, Makkovik Depot" of snow falling on the village with Inuit children playing around and looking at camera, clothes on clothesline in evidence.


Excerpt from
Labrador North
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio