STK-ID 14446

HAMS of fishermen in boat tied up at wharf taking salmon out of ice and placing them in plastic buckets. Various shots of fishermen at wharf with people on quay pulling a dead bear from their boat, of the bear disemboweled, of Abel taking it on his shoulders and leaving wharf. Various shots of women, workers at the fish plant, standing outside on wharf with PAN on ship "Bonavista", of a man aboard ship pulling a long rope, of the departure of the ship with people on quay and aboard ship waving, of ship sailing in the bay with the "CN" sign on its chimney in evidence. One shot of an hydroplane moving on water, ship and mountains in background, of "Mount Blair" ship with sailors pulling ropes aboard. Shot of water and mountains, of lots of people on wharf by "Mount Blair" ship. Two MSs of small fishing boats anchored near bank with PAN on ship tied up at wharf. Various shots of barrels being unloaded from "Marine Transport" ship, of men on wharf rolling barrels further along. Shot of two children trying to roll one barrel, of a Dodge truck being transferred from ship on wharf. Shots of fishermen in boats. Various shots of the wharf and of ships tied up as taken from a boat moving along the coast to shots of houses of Inuit village Nain, water and fishing boats in foreground.


Excerpt from
Labrador North
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio