STK-ID 14614

Pastoral scene shot through oval mask showing river, foliage, dwelling on far shore. Shot of two men ploughing with span of oxen. PAN of buildings in and around Wolfville, much vedure in evidence, orchards seen from vantage point. CS and CU of apple blossoms in orchard. Shot of McLaughlin Buick car moving towards camera on country road, telephone poles lining road. PAN to village of Grand Pre mostly hidden by trees. Various shots of houses in Grand Pre, many trees. Shot of farmer driving team of horses from top of large hay pile as three children walk by camera, antique horse-drawn buggy following hay wagon. Shots of Grand Pre memorial church and statue of Evangeline. MS of train passing by, not far from church. MLS of old well made of stone with "teeter-pole" over it. Special effect shot showing semi-transparant ghost of Evangeline appearing and drawing water from well. Various shots of very old French willows, of child and parents strolling by. Shots of Gaspereau River, of dikes built by Acadians to hold back tides of Minas Basin. Shot of two sailing ships on the beach. Shots of hay harvest, of span of oxen, of flock of sheep, of herd of cattle grazing in the meadows. Sequence on elderly woman spinning. Shots of Blomidon Mountain, of tourists on look-out and of surrounding countryside.


Excerpt from
Land of Evangeline
Acadia, Cape Blomidon, Gaspereau River, Minas Basin, Wolfville, Grand Pre
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg b&w
Aspect ratio