STK-ID 15465

McGill-Yale Hockey Game (23/12/1946): CU of poster re game, junior league. LAS of sign "Forum". Interior of McGill's dressing room, coach Dave Campbell talking to players, Captain Jack Gelineau putting on jersey. CU of McGill jersey. Darkish HASs of teams at attention, of play. Joe Petit (#10), tries shot on Yale goal. Broderick shoots and Petit scores first goal for McGill. Teams play back and forth, Sinclair (#8) scores second goal. Various shots of play, piling ups, Miller (#12) and Hale (#3) making shot on goal. Scoreboard indicating end of first period, McGill 2, Yale 0. Boynton (#17) of Yale threatening to score at beginning of second period. McGill clears and Pitfield scores. Manville (#13) scores first goal for Yale. Score at end of second period, McGill 4, Yale 1. Third period, play is carried to Yale goal, another goal for McGill. Shot of McGill bench. Soper (#4) scores Yale's second goal. Final scores, McGill 10, Yale 2. Players shaking hands.


Excerpt from
McGill-Yale Hockey Game
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
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35mm fine grain b&w
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