STK-ID 16200

MS of doctors around table during discussion. Shot of doctor wiring brain model. CS of model of human brain. MS of Dr Li and assistant operating encephalograph. CSs of Dr Li, of hand adjusting machine, of oscillograph and wave pattern. MS of doctors and female technician studying brain tissue under microscope. CS of impulses streaking across oscilloscope screen. DOLLY SHOT from nurse at desk, into men's ward, past man on rocking bed and across other patients in room. MCS of man on rocking bed. MS of two nurses supervising party in children's ward. Shot of nurse blowing out candles on children's cake. CS of little blond girl blowing out candles. Profile shot of young boy wearing party hat and smiling. Rear shot of Montreal Neurological Institute as man enters, two nurses leaving, DOLLY IN to sign on building.


Excerpt from
Montreal Neurosurgery
National Film Board
Restriction Information
P, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , m, u, s, t, , b, e, , o, b, t, a, i, n, e, d, , f, r, o, m, , t, h, e, , c, u, r, a, t, o, r, , o, f, , t, h, e, , N, e, u, r, o, l, o, g, i, c, a, l, , I, n, s, t, i, t, u, t, e, , o, f, , M, o, n, t, r, e, a, l, ;, , o, b, t, e, n, i, r, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , d, u, , c, u, r, a, t, e, u, r, , d, e, , l, ', I, n, s, t, i, t, u, t, , n, e, u, r, o, l, o, g, i, q, u, e, , d, e, , M, o, n, t, r, e, a, l
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486