STK-ID 16215

LS of tree-covered mountains, TILT DOWN to Corra Linn and power plant. MLS of street intersection at Nelson, British Columbia, PAN left to main street, mountain in background. LS of fertiliser plant at Kimberley, British Columbia. FOLLOW SHOT of truck loaded with machinery. CS of trolley wire, TILT DOWN to side of trolley, rear shot of trolley train loaded with ore. LS of snow-capped Wapta Mountain, PAN to ridge of snow-capped mountains. LS of train coming through spiral tunnel near Field, British Columbia. Side shot of train moving alongside mountain. Shot of man on horseback riding towards camera, stopping, looking around and moving off again. Shot of valley surrounded by ridges of mountains. LS of train winding along rock cut at base of mountain. LS of train, snow-capped mountains in background. MS of power shovel at work on Trans-Canada Highway near Golden, British Columbia. Various shots of bulldozers at work pushing earth over cliff, of grader moving along edge of cut, of drillers high up on hill side, drilling. Rear MS of heavy road scraper and LeTourneau machine moving along uncompleted section of Trans-Canada Highway. LS of mountain landscape near Revelstoke showing trees, bush-covered hillside, ridges of mountains. HALS of Revelstoke. ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Revelstoke and Kamloops. Shots of children playing in swimming pool in Revelstoke. MLS of dense bush near Kamloops. PAN of park-like forest and grass.


Excerpt from
Mountains of the West
Nelson, Kamloops, Kimberley
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio