STK-ID 16371

National Liberal Convention (Ottawa, 00/08/1948): LS of East Block from position over the driveway, Peace Tower almost hidden by East Block tower. Cut to Landsdowne Park Coliseum, workmen preparing buildings for convention, setting up sign "National Liberal Convention". Interior shots of men installing speakers and moving in equipment of all kinds, caterers delivering food. Sequence on girls writing down names of delegates on wall chart, preparing ballots. Shot of HR Kidd, General Secretary of Convention and Bruce Davis, balloting supervisor, checking over ballot booklets. Sequence on Trans-Canada Airline DC-4 taxiing past camera, stopping in front of Department of Transport Building, delegates entering Trans-Canada Airline terminal. HAS of Central Station from rear, East Block, Center Block of Parliament and Chateau Laurier visible in background. Cut to delegates stepping off train, walking through station. MS of porter with pile of luggage. Cut to bilingual sign re welcome. Three staged takes of J Gordon Fogo, Chairman of the Liberal Convention, greeting three delegates as they register at the desk, giving little speech re members' cards, method of voting during convention. Exterior shot of coliseum, delegates arriving. MS and CU of elderly goateed man posing. Shots of Prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King sitting at table, of CD Howe and Joey Smallwood sitting with two other men at pre convention.


Excerpt from
National Liberal Convention
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain comp b&w
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