STK-ID 16372

National Liberal Convention (Ottawa, 00/08/1948): shot of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and high ranking Liberals coming out of building and parading to convention behind two pipers. Shots of Prime Minister Mackenzie King, CD Howe, James G Gardiner, an unidentified man, Louis Saint-Laurent and several others bringing up the rear. Rear shot of large crowd of delegates in convention hall. Cut to HAS of Prime Minister Mackenzie King marching through crowd to platform, going up on platform followed by CD Howe and James G Gardiner. Cut to interior shots of hall (Lansdowne Park Coliseum), crowd, principals arriving, walking up on platform. LAS of Mackenzie King on platform acknowledging applause. Shot of Mackenzie King steping up to podium, presenting resolution expressing loyalty and devotion of Liberal Party to King George VI and to Queen Elizabeth consort. He proposes that every one rise and sing "God Save the King". Cut to HAS of crowd, people standing at attention as tail end of "God Save the King" is heard on the soundtrack. Similar shot as "O Canada" national anthem is played. Cut to VIP's on platform at attention. MLS of Prime Minister Mackenzie King saying the Lord's prayer after the anthems have been sung. Shots of Mackenzie King making opening speech (excerpts heard on soundtrack) re accomodations for delegates, old friends present at convention, work of convention chairman J Gordon Fogo, the length of time the liberals have been in office. Side shot of Prime Minister Mackenzie King and rear view of crowd and platform.


Excerpt from
National Liberal Convention
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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35mm fine grain comp b&w
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