STK-ID 16478

Sequence on Lord Thomson of Fleet buying ticket at subway station, entering car. Shot of subway car pulling out. Sequence on Lord Thomson being fitted with peer's robes at tailor. Exterior shot TILT UP from Lord Thomson's Rolls Royce to sign on facade of tailor shop: Ravenscroft Robe Makers. TILT DOWN to Rolls Royce. Shots of Lord Thomson at lunch with women journalists. Sequence on Lord Thomson having lunch with large group at Ascot. Shots of Lord Thomson looking through binoculars. Views of Lord Thomson looking at race at Ascot, chatting with woman. MSs of Lord Thomson and friends after the race, of Lord Thomson talking to a fortune teller, holding a small bouquet. MSs of Lord Thomson walking to his Rolls Royce, getting in. CSs of shiny Rolls Royce. LAMS of sign: Phaba, on Prague airport building. Shots of Lord Thomson coming out of plane, being met and greeted by Czech officials, meeting Cedok Travel officials in the Praba restaurant. Various shots of chef carving roast, of Lord Thomson eating, chatting with his hosts. Sequence on Lord Thomson sightseeing in Prague with a guide.


Excerpt from
Never a Backward Step
London (England), Prague
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio