STK-ID 16559

[Title: Meet Canada's New Leaders] RB Bennett introduces his cabinet (08/08/1930): front shot of Prime minister Robert Bedford Bennett standing on sidewalk near west block, introducing his cabinet, G Perley (Minister without Portfolio); Gordon Robertson (Minister of Labour); Hugh Guthrie (Minister of Justice); HH Stevens (Minister of Trade and Commerce); RJ Manion (Minister of Railways and Canals); EB Wrightland (Minister of National Revenue); Arthur Sauvé (Postmaster General); Alfred Duranleau (Minister of Marine); Colonel Murray McLaren (Minister of Health and Pensions); Charles H Cahan (Secretary of State); Colonel Donald W Sutherland (Minister of National Defence); Hugh Stuart (Minister of Department of Public Works); Wesley Gordon (Minister of Mines); Thomas Murchie (Minister of Interior); Major Robert Weir (Minister of Agriculture). (sound)


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Canadian News Stories
National Film Board
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