STK-ID 16974

Nineteen Forty Eight Gold Cup Regatta (07/08/1948): three shots of speedboat "Double Trouble" being lowered into water. Shots of people in boats watching race at Prince Edward Yacht Club in Picton. Shots of speedboats whizzing by. FOLLOW MLSs of "Mr Dockit" driven by Walter G Robinson of Alexandria, Ontario, of "A-147", of "F-16", of "Ariel II" driven by WG Branden of Waterton, Ontario. LS of speedboats racing around course. FOLLOW SHOTs of "Maple Leaf" driven by Ed Pine of Bellville, Ontario, of "N-42, Royal Muskoka" driven by C Hairley of Hamilton, Ontario. Shot of "Maple Leaf" passing "N-III, Belligero" driven by Paul Sawyer of San Antonio, Texas. "Maple Leaf" wins first Heat 225 class division. FOLLOW SHOTs of "162-F, Z-Z-Zip" driven by Syd Street of Kansas City at control, of "F-17, Mr Dockit". Shot of motorboat towing overturned speedboat. FOLLOW SHOTs of "F-162, Z-Z-Zip", of "N-III Belligero", of "F-16, Ariel II". Shot of Syd Street driving F-162 "Z-Z-Zip" winning. Various shots of "Miss Canada" driven by Harold Wilson of Ingersoll, Ontario on exhibition run. Various shots of spectators in boats and on shore. Shots of racing. FOLLOW SHOTs of "Belligero", "Maple Leaf" second. Shots of Syd Street being awarded Port Elgin Yacht Club "Centennial Gold Cup" by R Schellin.


Excerpt from
Nineteen Forty Eight Gold Cup Regatta
National Film Board
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