STK-ID 18044

HAS over large group of Inuit and First Nations men, women and children from the Mackenzie River District, eating outside tent where they have come to receive annual Treaty money. PAN to LS across herd of reindeers grazing in open fields near Aklavik. MCS of young arctic fox eating seal lying on beach. MLS of Inuit man walking up steep incline, carrying arctic char fish. CSs of Inuit woman using meat cleaver to cut sections of raw meat which she eats, Government doctor in white smock examining Inuit woman's chest with stethoscope. Good LS of midnight sun along horizon, Inuit paddling canoe in foreground. CS of Inuit fisherman mending net, cleaning char fish. Two CSs of of wheel of paddle wheeler churning water as boat moves upstream. MSs of First nations man from the Mackenzie delta district hauling in net, group of First nations men and women performing dance, man hanging fish on racks to dry. MSs of old Inuit man dancing in igloo as others look on, two Inuit men hauling line from hole in ice. LSs of dogteam hauling sled over arctic ice. Rear view of Inuit men and women entering igloo. CS of Inuit woman sewing with thread and needle.


Excerpt from
Northwest Frontier
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w, 16mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486