STK-ID 18635

Cut to the following members of Parliament arriving, pausing for cameraman, entering Parliament Building: Lionel Chevrier, Minister of Transport; Brooke Claxton, Minister of National Defence; CD Howe, Minister of Trade and Commerce; James McCann, Minister of National Revenue and wife; Solon Low, leader of the Social Credit Party; MJ Coldwell, leader of the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) seen in CU and with Ross Thatcher, Member of Parliament from Moose Jaw and Angus McGinnis, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East; Humphrey Mitchell, Minister of Labour; Douglas Abbott, Minister of Finance; Paul Martin, Minister of Health and Prime Minister Louis Saint-Laurent on Martin's left. From left to right: Gordon Graydon; George Drew, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party; Ontario Premier TL Kennedy and John Bracken retired Progressive Conservative leader, James G Gardiner, Minister of Agriculture; US ambassador to Canada Laurence Steinhardt and wife. (01/28/1949)


Excerpt from
Opening of Parliament
National Film Board
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