STK-ID 200005

A production line of the popsicle factory "Les aliments Lebel" in Lachute. Inside of a metal bowl containing red fruit juice. A plastic container with a white liquid, suspended above the juice tank. A worker with a hair net hair pours a red liquid in a large plastic graduated cylinder and then pours the contents into the tank. Injectors insert the red liquid into metal molds on an assembly line. Wooden sticks (for popsicle) are inserted by a machine into molds filled with fluid. A worker inserts wooden sticks in the assembly line. The frozen popsicles are removed from the molds and soaked in a liquid by a machine and then inserted into a paper packaging. Workers place the packaged popsicles into boxes. Boxes of popsicles advancing on a conveyor. Metal bowl to mix ingredients. Two metal containers with inscriptions "sugar" and "glucose" on the lids. A worker with protective clothing (boots, coat, hat), waters the floor with a hose. A worker adds powder ingredients in a plastic bucket, he weighs this addition using an electronic scale. Counter of the electronic balance. Fingers pressing the button to activate a pump. The worker pours the contents of the plastic bucket in the bowl of the mixer. Various mechanical parts of the assembly line. Boxes of frozen treats including popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. Logos on the boxes "Original Augustine gourmet ice cream" and "Iceberg" with a drawing of a penguin with hat. List of the nutritional value of ice cream bars "Pomegranate and Blueberry" and "Pomegranate and Raspberry." Keywords: CONFECTIONER,LACHUTE,FOOD PRODUCT,ACRONYM AND LOGO,WORKER,FACTORY


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