STK-ID 200058

Facade of the Oratory with pilgrims going up the stairs on their knees. Inside the gift shop of St. Joseph's Oratory with many products bearing the portrait of Brother André. Background: the upcoming canonization of Brother André causes an increase in the sale of products bearing his image. Facade of the Oratory. Pilgrims and visitors on the square. Products bearing the portrait of Brother André (busts, statues). Customers who are looking the medals. Customers at the cash of the gift shop. Large statue, price $ 8,999.99 8. Religious products with the portrait of Brother André (statues and portraits). Poster in isplays front of a stairway "Reserved for pilgrims going up on their knees." Pilgrims who ascend the steps of the Oratory on their knees. Keywords: CATHOLIC CHURCH,MONTREAL (CITY),ST-JOSEPH'S ORATORY,STATUE


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