STK-ID 200059

Exterior and interior of the Oratory and the Chapel of Brother André. Press conference with Archbishop Jean-Claude Turcotte on the canonization of Brother André Saint Joseph's Oratory. Cross on St. Joseph's Oratory. Statue of Brother André. Facade of the Chapel of Brother André. Faithful (black man) who prays in the chapel. Wooden crutches leaning against a wall and memorial plaques (recognition in Saint Joseph). Altar in the chapel. Cross erected at the beatification of Brother André. Displays with the image of Brother André on Saint Joseph's Oratory. Chapel of Brother André. Relic: Heart of Brother André. Memorial plaque "Here rests in peace of God the heart of Brother André." Claude Grou. Bishop Jean-Claude Turcotte. Stained glass of the Oratory. Representation of Jesus on the Cross in the Basilica of Saint Joseph's Oratory. Basilica of Saint Joseph's Oratory. Keywords: CANADA,CANONIZATION,CATHOLIC CHURCH,MONTREAL (CITY),QUEBEC


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