STK-ID 200064

Shots of the Casavant organ at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. Good shots of an organist playing (we can clearly see the keyboards, set of the instrument and pedal). Shots of statues in the church. A statue inside the Basilica of Notre-Dame, representing Jesus laying a wreath on the head of the Virgin Mary; speech. A statue of a saint and two angels. Stained glass. Christ on the cross, ZOOM OUT statues adorning the altar. A screen where you see the hands of an organist playing on the keyboards of the instrument. A statue of three apostles. The organ of Notre-Dame Basilica, the Great Rood, seen from below (it is illuminated with blue light). Some organ pipes (tapered end), ZOOM OUT organ. The top of the pipe, ZOOM OUT. The top of the pipe, PAN. Some pipes (tapered end). Statues (representatives of saints or apostles). The nave of the basilica to the altar, the organ can be seen illuminated in blue and persons who sit on the benches. The church benches (some people sit) the organ. The organist playing, there are many keyboards, and pedals to play the instrument). The feet of the organist in action on the pedals of the organ. Keywords: NOTRE-DAME CHURCH,MONTREAL (CITY),MUSICIAN,ORGAN


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