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Visitors who admire five famous tall ships in the Old Port of Montreal with the Bounty seen in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. Member of the crew climbs onto a mat and makes some adjustments. Quebec flag that floats on top of the Bounty. Visitors on the docks who admire the boats. Visitors on the docks. Canadian and Quebec flags that flutter in the wind through the rigging, ZOOM OUT flag of the United States. Pride of Baltimore II name plate on the back of the boat, ZOOM OUT. Bounty's bow. Many visitors on the deck of the Bounty (ship from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean). Rope. Visitors' have their passports stamped and board the ship. Inscription Bounty in the back of the boat. Visitors on the deck of a tall ship. Bounty docked at the Old Port (three masts). Visitors who board the lynx. Visitors on the deck of Roald Amundsen (a brick). Two children at the helm of the ship. Inscription Roald Amundsen on the side of the boat. Visitors who walk on the dock where the boats are boats. Keywords: BOAT,MONTREAL (CITY),OLD PORT OF MONTREAL,SAILBOAT


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