STK-ID 200087

Victoria Bridge. Fluid vehicular traffic on the Bonaventure Expressway and Métropolitain Boulevard in Montreal. Numerous tractor trailers. Smoke from exhaust pipes of trucks (air pollution). Beauty shot of altocumulus clouds over the highway. Fluid vehicular traffic behind the railings of the Victoria Bridge in Montreal. Victoria Bridge with the sun filtering through the clouds. A three quarters view of the Victoria Bridge with the guardrail and steel structure (compressed image). Movement of cars and buses in a curve of the Bonaventure(Champlain Bridge in the background with ripple effect). Traffic flow on an unide.jpgied highway (vegetation at the front and back). Movement of cars and trucks on the highway, reeds in the foreground. Traffic on the highway with grassy knoll and in front row of street lights on the background. Dark highway under a blue sky full of clouds at high altitude (altocumulus). Traffic flow on the Metropolitan Expressway viewed from a viaduct. Movement with many trailer trucks (with and without motion blur). Trailer truck with smoke coming from its exhaust pipes (air pollution). Three trailer trucks (one after the other) coming towards the camera with visible exhaust. Tanker truck coming towards the camera with visible exhaust (camera on the overpass). String of moving cars on the Metropolitan below. Many trucks on the highway (view from the overpass). Keywords: HIGHWAY,BONAVENTURE EXPRESSWAY,METROPOLITAN HIGHWAY,TOW TRUCK,TRAFFIC,MONTREAL (CITY),AIR POLLUTION,VICTORIA BRIDGE,QUEBEC


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