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Fernand Séguin talks with the novelist Anais Nin. She reveals the main features of her personality by referring to the different ages of life. She addresses the following issues: her parents, her childhood in the suburbs of Paris and the emigration of her family to the United States. Her adolescence in New York. her life separated from her father. Her return to France in 1931. The circumstances surrounding her encounter with Henry Miller and his wife June and their great friendship. She financed the publishing of "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller. Her quest for a father figure in her various friendships. Her taste for conformism and her discovery of psychoanalysis. Plot Summary of her main novel, "The Spy in the House of Love". Her novel will be adapted for film and shot in Canada. Her novels in general. Her refusal to make a political commitment and her close relationship with the American youth today. The influence of the diary she has kept about her life for the last 50 years. Anais Nin Only 28 minutes of the interview lasting one hour Keywords: UNITED STATES,LITERATURE,NOVEL


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