STK-ID 200141

General visual of the city of Phoenix, Arizona; golf course, park, terraces, traffic and buildings. Images of water use for watering lawns. Few pedestrians waiting at an intersection, a woman driving a three wheeled bike that carries two passengers. Flow of traffic on a major thoroughfare in the city. Modern building. Face of a man who drinks water from a bottle. Flow of traffic on a major downtown thoroughfare. Office buildings downtown including Wells Fargo and Ernst & Young with signs. Green golf course with some golfers, a golf cart passes and mountains in the background (note that the surrounding land is desert). Semi-desert vegetation on a plot of the golf course. Very green golf course with golfers and golf carts. Bea.jpgul park setting with cactus, lake and pool. Little hare jumps up and stops at the foot of a tree in the park. Golfers hit balls on the ground. Lake in the park, the water jets are small eddies in the center of the lake. Hares on the lookout in the park, they suddenly decamp. Golfers hit balls on the ground. Sprinkler system watering the lawns. Sprinkler head in operation; the system stops unexpectedly. Watering flower beds and lawns. Sometimes rainbows seen in the sky when the water crosses a ray of sunshine. Canal in the city, bridge and mountains in the background. Spray of cool water in fine jets onto a terrace. Statue of cowboys on horseback. Spray of cold water on another terrace. Canal through the city of Phoenix. Another terrace with water jets, jets attached to the structure of the terrace. Small decorative pond with waterfall in front of a building. Keywords: ARIZONA,FLAG,WATER,UNITED STATES,GOLF,TERRACE


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