STK-ID 200145

Different images of Brother André and St.Joseph's Oratory. We see first Brother Andre seeming to cure a man by rubbing his chest. The room where several people are waiting in line. Several images of the Oratory and the Basilica Images sometimes dark and striped. Many women and some men stand in a waiting room. Brother André hits his desk with an object and then starts to rub the chest of a man while putting his head on the man's chest, he repeats this process three times (healing?) (Dark image). Brother André looks at the man he has just treated. The Oratory from the side. The chapel (the same images are repeated until 11:05:22). Notre Dame College. Many women and some men in a waiting room A man speaks with Brother André (sitting in a rocking chair) on a porch of a house (film possibly in reverse). The Oratory and parking lot. Visitors around the Oratory. Scaffolding on the walls of the Oratory. Stairs and walkways of the Oratory. Aerial view of Montreal, its sky, its mountain and its roofs. January 1937: Funeral of Brother André, entry and exit of the coffin in the cathedral in front of the crowd. January 1937: Crowd in front of the cathedral. The Oratory and stairs, without the dome. Many cars in the parking lot of the Oratory. Keywords: MONTREAL,ST-JOSEPH'S ORATORY


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