STK-ID 200147

Film of events taking place in 1934 at St. Joseph's Oratory July 1934: Office of Brother André, the monastery and the crypt. Panorama of the City of Montreal taken from the Basilica of the Oratory. The main avenue leading to the Oratory, visitors and cars there. The Oratory with a few visitors. 1934: The basilica. A man comes out of the chapel. The Chapel of Brother André. Mass at the Oratory (celebrants seen from behind), including the magnificent embroidered chasubles of the officiating, which is decorated with a St. Joseph and Child, the celebrant is most likely father Adolphe Clément, first chaplain of the Oratory in 1910 . A statue of St. Joseph's altar in the crypt. A statue of St. Joseph blessed by Pope Pius X. Crutches, canes and other prosthetics left by miraculously cured at the Oratory. Snow, feast of St. Joseph's Oratory March 19, 1934, the College of Notre Dame is seen. March 19, 1934: People go up and down the steps of the Oratory. Children's Choir of the College of Notre Dame, leaving the "parlor", current entry to the Pavilion Holy Cross. Summer 1934: Visitors to the St. Joseph's Oratory, cars in the parking lot. June 1934: Fanfare of Laval College at the Oratory. Four members of a religious order in the stairs to the monastery, the smaller is Father Adolphe Clement, who died in 1940. Keywords: MONTREAL,ST-JOSEPH'S ORATORY


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