STK-ID 200158

Pumpkins in a field "Squash Interpretation Centre of Quebec" in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac in the Laurentians. Beautiful pumpkin in a field, two adults and one child pass in background, camera on the ground (Squash Interpretation Centre of Quebec Saint-Joseph-du-Lac). Pumpkin slightly backlit in a field next to a dried plant. Green pumpkin among the vegetation in a field. Many pumpkins scattered in a field. Some pumpkins in a wheelbarrow in a field. Several shots of individual pumpkins in a field. Heart of a pumpkin cut in half. Inside a pumpkin, you can see droplets on the flesh. Many pumpkins on the shelves of an outdoor market in Montreal. Pile of pumpkins in a barrel in front of a scarecrow (vice versa). Display of pumpkins decorated for Halloween, quick ZOOM pumpkin decorated (oblique angle), vice versa. A lot of pumpkins in a open air market. Mound of different pumpkin varieties on a table. Keywords: HALLOWE'EN,LAURENTIANS,VEGETABLE,QUEBEC ,ST. JOSEPH-DU-LAC


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