STK-ID 200171

Traffic in the Frejus tunnel, a road tunnel that connects France and Italy. It runs under Col du Frejus between Modane and Bardonecchia (Italy). Back and forth in the small town of Bardonecchia in Italy Tow trucks entering the tunnel, panel "Alpine tunnel of Frejus". Mountains PAN tunnel entrance Vehicles, including tow trucks going out of the tunnel Roadsign for different signals to be observed in the tunnel Vehicles entering or leaving the tunnel We cross the Frejus tunnel, we meet other vehicles then we arrive in Italy. Back and forth on a quiet commercial street in the small town of Bardonecchia in Italy; TILT mountain whose summit is in the mist. Bus company sign in the commercial area of the city. Road in the mountains, a tow truck passes. Roadsign on the wall of a house. Pretty residential street in the city. Signs showing directions for various city services. Keywords: TOW TRUCK,FRANCE,ITALY,ROAD TRANSPORT,TUNNEL


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