STK-ID 200188

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, interview with Quebec astronaut, Julie Payette who is preparing for another trip into space, ten years after her first space mission. Julie Payette. Man the Capcom post, talks to astronauts, Command Post, the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas?. (images from NASA? rights to check for this excerpt) Julie Payette inspects an astronaut space suit at the training missions pool. Space Center Mission Control Computer Capcom, draft document in a container. Julie Payette talks with a colleague while watching a television screen. Julie Payette at the end of a press conference? going up to a simulator at Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Flight simulator in motion. Julie Payette with Jean-Sébastien Cloutier in a flight simulator explains the equipment. Keywords: ASTRONAUT,CANADIAN,WOMAN,SPACE MISSION


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