STK-ID 200213

The history of radio and television of Radio-Canada. Recording of radio-novels. Excerpt of a program on the beginnings of radio, noisemakers. Paul Carpenter presents "Un homme et son péché (A man and his sin)." Visual of a studio recording of "Un homme et son péché" the actors, the noisemakers. Signal light from studio flashes. INTERVIEW Pierre Pagé, researcher, about the popularity of radio-novels. Actors at the microphone during the recording of radio-novel "Un homme et son péché", noisemakers. Technicians, cameraman, raising a Radio-Canada camera. Control cabin in the control room of Radio-Canada, with the director and his assistants. Equipment in a studio. A technician is working on a kinescope. A truck from Radio-Canada (studio-mobile), a technician lays the electrical cables, interior of the news van. Work meeting of the scheduling team, the presence of Roger Germain. Charles Frenette, director of technical services, in a team meeting. Montreal street TILT to the Radio-Canada transmission cross on the Mount Royal. Radio-Canada sign. Transmitter, technicians. Two people look at a Radio-Canada program, television screen with the inscription "Production Radio-Canada." "Ici Radio-Canada" and Radio-Canada logo. Keywords: ANTENNA,HISTORY,MONTREAL (CITY),RADIO,ACRONYM AND LOGO,CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION


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