STK-ID 200214

Report on the production team for the broadcast of La Soirée du hockey: installation of equipment at the Montreal Forum and broadcasting of a match. Interviews with Gerald Renaud, director, and Jean-Marie Lafleur, technical director, explaining what is their work; they talk about the difficulties encountered during the broadcast of a hockey game. (Silent) Reporting trucks leaving the Radio-Canada building. (Silent) Reporting trucks arrive at the Montreal Forum. (Silent) Employees unload the trucks. INTR Gerald Renaud. INTR Jean-Marie Lafleur. (Silent) Technicians install and connect the microphones in the journalists' gateway at the Montreal Forum. (Silent) The Forum rink. (Silent) Entry of the Canadian players on the ice of the Forum. (Silent) The television camera during the game. (Silent) The Radio-Canada studio at the Montreal Forum. Jurnalists' gateway with René Lecavalier and Jean-Maurice Bailly. Hockey game. Control room during the broadcast with Gerald Renaud, and his assistant Jean-Marie Lafleur and broadcast technicians . Keywords: MONTREAL CANADIANS,MONTREAL FORUM,HOCKEY,MONTREAL (CITY),CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION,TELEVISION


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