STK-ID 200221

Two artisans blow glass in a school workshop in Montreal's Espace VERRE. The blower starts with picking a parison (ground glass) in the oven pot with his cane. The blower works the mass of glass and rounded with a sippet (newsprint folded and wet). The blower wetting the cane. The blower shapes the glass with the sippet. The blower is warming the parison in an oven. The blower is working with the glass sippet blows while a second one (horizontally) blows in the rod to expand the glass. The glassblower reworks the upper part of the piece by opening it with the irons, and by cutting with scissors. After heating the piece, the first blower breathes (vertically) in the cane to lengthen the glass. They repeat the steps of heating and shaping until they obtain a large bowl. Keywords: ARTS AND CRAFTS,TRADE AND PROFESSION,MONTREAL (CITY),GLASS


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