STK-ID 200230

Facade of Library and Archives of Quebec. Visitors use the resources and library services in Montreal Users who read and work in the Great Hall of the National Library. User who is working on the computer. Users who consult the newspaper microfilms. Reading Room of the national collection. Counter of the national collection. Back and forth in the grand staircase in the center of the library. Users sitting at desks near the shelves. Glass lift that goes down. Users coming and going in and out through the detectors. Children who watch a cartoon at a viewing station. Users who watch movies at viewing stations. Hand manipulating a mouse. Screen at a viewing station. Counter of the children's section ZOOM clerk behind his computer. Children's books. Sign "Children's Section" A clerk puts back the books on the shelves. Coming and going of library customers entering and leaving. Facade of the BANQ. Sign Libraries and Archives (BANQ). Great Library sign on the wall of the entrance BANQ. Users who enter and leave. Keywords: LIBRARY,LIBRARY AND NATIONAL ARCHIVES QUEBEC,CULTURE,GREAT LIBRARY OF QUEBEC,MONTREAL (CITY)


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