STK-ID 200390

Former boarding school of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, 1420 Boulevard Mont-Royal Outremont in Montreal. Building of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (probably seen from the building of the Faculty of Music at the University of Montreal). Facade of the building entrance (UdeM poster in the door). BACKLIGHT Building, seen from the other side of the Boulevard Mont-Royal (medium traffic). A corridor. An empty room. BACKLIGHT Three windows with frost. A staircase, seen from an angle. A door opens into an almost empty room (a few desks and chairs are pushed against a wall). Desks and chairs lined up against a wall, work area (office) located in a corner (there is nobody). A staircase. Courtyard of the building, view from a window. In a corridor, an employee closes an electrical panel and then walks away (dark). Displayed in a glass door, marked "Attention, do not open pressurized zone." Arch decorated with paintings of a religious nature, apse, empty (no altar). Inside the church (nave) seen from the front (apse), TILT UP loft. Detail of religious painting on the ceiling (the camera rotates) Carved wood ornament. Nave of the church, seen from the bias. Row of wooden benches. Religious painting at the top of a wall, the camera turns to another painting. Coffered ceiling of the church (with two lamps), front (apse) of the church, seen from the bottom. Front of the church, from the bottom. A confessional seen from the side (partly hidden by the benches). Corridor (the doors of the premises have been removed). Three small windows above a door, inside a room, empty and dilapidated. Small counter with sink and faucet in one corner of the room, in poor condition. Large windowed room, empty. Detail of an ornemental metal bar, in a window. Pipe in the corner of a wall in poor condition. Hole in a wall. Keywords: RELIGIOUS BUILDING,MONTREAL (CITY)


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