STK-ID 200396

Opening of the La Ronde amusement park. Visitors to the site and the rides. Sculpture "Optical Orbit # 2" by the artist Gerald Gladstone at the entrance of La Ronde. An employee puts ice cubes in a display of drinks. Youth behind a fence waiting for the opening of the amusement park. Lineups at the entrance to La Ronde, music. Opening the gates, employees tearing tickets at the turnstiles. Security guards check the bags of customers. Female employees arrange flowers in a flower bed. Visitors to the site (including an anonymous young woman wearing a sexy miniskirt Splash Carousel. Queue at the entrance of the ride the Monster. Queue for the Goliath. Young people settle in the Goliath. Carousel on a track. Ride La Pitoune. Discoronde Ride. A man cuts wooden blocks with a chainsaw. Go-kart track, young person riding on the track. The Vampire Ride. Rides for children. Keywords: YOUTH,LA RONDE,MONTREAL (CITY),THEME PARK,ACRONYM AND LOGO


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