STK-ID 200398

Employees working on scenery design in front of their computers on the company premises Scene Ethics of Varennes, model. Scenery manufacturing plant with workmen at work and decorative elements. Designers, graphic designers working on a computer on the premises of the company "Scene ethics." Computer screen with sketches, models. Men at work in the factory settings (product design). Grinding metal pieces of scenery, sets in the factory. Workers who polish metal parts of scenery. A worker cuts the pieces of scenery on a machine. Employees work at the manufacture of scenographic elements in the plant, metal parts on a table. Claude Deschênes visits the shop and talks to Martin Ouellet, Director of the company (Helene Demers in some shots). Worker on a forklift in the plant. Martin Ouellet gives a demonstration of the use of a scenic element. Keywords: DESIGN,SOUTH SHORE,HEAD OFFICE,SHOW,SCENE TECHNICIAN,WORKER,FACTORY,VARENNES


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