STK-ID 200499

Serge Losique presents the Special Grand Prize of the Americas to the French actress Sophie Marceau. Speech by Sophie Marceau. American actor Jon Voight and Sophie Marceau officially declare the opening of FFM. Serge Losique presents Sophie Marceau. Actress Sophie Marceau walks into the room and goes on stage, she comes to meet Serge Losique (the camera moves), applause. Serge Losique presents a trophy and a bouquet of flowers to Sophie Marceau, he applauds (they are seen in profile). Speech by Sophie Marceau with the trophy in her hands (view from an angle). The actor Jon Voight and Sophie Marceau, on stage, are applauded (we do not see the public). Speech by Jon Voight, with Sophie Marceau at his side. Jon Voight declares the World Film Festival to be open (in French, with difficulty). Sophie Marceau, helped by Jon Voight says FFM is open in English. Jon Voight and Sophie Marceau go stand at the back of the stage, along with other people (members of the jury). Jon Voight, Sophie Marceau and six other people standing on the stage (personalities from the cinema?), we recognize especially Denise Filiatrault. Keywords: CEREMONY,WORLD FILM FESTIVAL,MONTREAL (CITY)


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