STK-ID 200519

The stars stroll down the red carpet before the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles, photo opportunity and interviews including one with Denys Arcand and Denise Robert. The stars, interviews on the red carpet (cameramen, photographers and boom operators in wait). Actress Nicole Kidman walks the red carpet. Sean Connery smiles and speaks a few words to reporters. Johnny Depp (profile) answers reporters. The black actor Will Smith among celebrities. Johnny Depp with journalists, including Alexandra Diaz who speaks French. Oprah Winfrey talks to journalists. Diane Keaton, she wears a great bowler hat, jacket and tie. Angelina Jolie in a white dress and very decollete. Director Peter Jackson (Return of the King's) speaks to reporters. Many journalists photographing the stars. Producer Denise Robert and filmmaker Denys Arcand among the stars (as we see with Nathalie Petrowski). The couple Robert and Arcand. Actress Charlize Theron poses for photographers, she wears a dress with sequins. Julia Roberts, smiling, wearing a long satin dress, she smiles and waves to the crowd, shouting and applause. Pierce Brosnan (Profile and back only). Charlize Theron with other journalists. Photographers waiting (and the public also). Keywords: FILM,UNITED STATES,LOS ANGELES,OSCAR (FILM),PHOTOGRAPHER,PRIZE & REWARD


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