STK-ID 20650

PAN of crowd in Landsdown Park stadium. Shots of royal couple (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip) in car driving between rows of scouts, of cheerleaders in glittering costumes performing, guards' band marching on field, Centennial athletes doing exercises, running past camera. MLS of Royal Standard flag fling from mast at very top of Peace Tower, TILT DOWN to huge crowd on Parliament Hill. TRAVELLING SHOTs past crowd lining street, Parliament tower in background. Shots of royal couple in everyday dress on dais besides giant cake. LAMS of Peace Tower, clusters of colourful balloons in foreground. Cut to balloons, men carrying them, crowd. Shot of crowd. ZOOM IN on face of youngster. Shots of Queen Elizabeth II chatting with women on dais, of Queen cutting cake, Judy Lamarsh standing by. HA PAN over huge, dense crowd to dais and cake. MS of Canadian flag flying in wind. Sequence on daytime fireworks, much smoke. Cut to girls carrying banner proclaiming "I'm proud to be a Canadian", TILT UP to Peace Tower. Several shots of Peace Tower, of musicians with CUs of instruments, Centennial choir, Bobby Gimby as pied piper. Shots of colourful parade, Gimby and horde of children, flags of all kinds. Shots of Centennial cake, gaily wrapped gifts, of choir singing, choir leader, bands playing, CUs of instruments.


Excerpt from
Queen Elizabeth's Visit to Ottawa- June, July 1967
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio