STK-ID 20674

Radar Laboratory: various shots of parabolic radar antenna revolving slowly on its tower. Shots of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Dr Hartley Zimmerman, Chairman of Defence Research Board walking past Royal Canadian Air Force honour guard, of Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Dr Zimmerman and United States Ambassador Wigglesworth strolling through laboratory with official party, walking to their car in snow. CUs of hands pushing buttons, twirling knobs. Sequence showing opening ceremony, JCW Scott, Chief Superintendant of Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment, speaking, of Prime Minister Diefenbaker speaking about radar establishment being devoted solely to peace time and scientific research. (07/06/1959)


Excerpt from
Radar Laboratory / Cowitchan Indian Sweaters / Queen's Pony
Prince Albert
National Film Board
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HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk, Reel 35 mm
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