STK-ID 20778

Sequence on governor general Alexander stepping off train, inspecting Canadian Army honour guard, US Army honour guard, chatting with G.I.'s. Shot of two naval officers looking over route of naval expedition into the Arctic on wall map. Stern shots of the aircraft carrier "Magnificent" moored to pier in Halifax navy yard, one shot with planes on flight deck, one shot without planes, tall dock-side crane beside carrier, city of Halifax in background. HAS of destroyer sliding away past camera ship. HAS of men pulling in gangplank on camera destroyer. HASs, level shots, LAS of sailors lining edge of flight deck as "Magnificent" prepares to sail, moving past Halifax Harbour in background. LS of other warships at piers. Stern-ward shot of sailors lining edge of flight deck, White Ensign flag flying at stern jackstaff, Halifax waterfront in background, Halifax bridge. HAS of edge of deck of "Magnificent", armament, white water boiling up as she moves. Two shots of "HMCS Haida" at sea. Sequence on "HMCS Nootka" preparing to take on oil from the "Magnificent", stringing hose across gap, sailing on parallel courses with the aircraft carrier as she takes on oil. Shots of the "Nootka", of bow knifing through the swell. Sequence on men aboard camera ship preparing to transfer supplies from camera ship to destroyer, transferring supply to the "Haida", transferring officer by means of breach buoy. Sequence on "Firefly" shipboard fighters being brought up from under deck hangar. HAS of planes on deck, of two planes taxiing past camera on take off. LS of aircraft carrier, two planes taking off, a third one taking off. BOATING LS of carrier. Shots of several "Seafuries" on flight deck of the "Magnificent", engines revving, wings still folded. (00/10/1948)


Excerpt from
R.C.N. Visits Northern Waters
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio